Storm blues

Nights are long

this side of Covid where

dreams are forgotten in the grind

of getting through.

Outside the storm

lashes beach, & roof tiles

shift threaten to lift

while our minds

remember times

where fly away

summer sun beckoned

a break, this month last year.

We wear masks

our smiles are

kidnapped: only

eyes show intention

talk less at

supermarket check out

conducting business


I’ve made it through two

recessions, Brexit

and now this!

At least the bombs

aren’t falling

though riots threaten

& treason

lurks in every tweet.

Tick tock

tonight the clock

turns its face


we wake an hour

younger, time

lost at the click

of a switch

& I listen

to the wind howl

hope the roof holds

wait for a solution

as we all do.

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