You paint

empty corners

where sunlight

spikes the shadows.

Who am I

to understand

your truth?

You nightly

hide in dreams,

my child:

at least

you were

now grown

in beauty.

We talk

In whispers


separate & rent

our structure.

You hide:

an enigma

to me.

Your cells

still circulate

my blood,

& yet

like mountain

peaks we watch

but never cross

the ether.

May day

It’s a late spring
leaves tight furled
& the swallows
ruffle feathers
In the chill:
the willow
Is ephemeral
like a fragile
young girl,
testing her
I think of
you often
distance never
the warmth
you bring,
& I hide
the empty

with dreams
of mellow
a burning
sun &
summer kisses:
the taste
of you,
like cherries.