Time has no essence

it rolls over us

like water,

eroding features:

my face becomes

the rift valley

my body meanders

from curve to curve

exposing former


My loves have

carved striations

on my heart, &

nostalgia replaces


Who are you

to care?

And who am I

who once was there?


like a spring garden.

Do you remember then?

I’ve heard you spin

your tale;

you lived your dreams,

you seem exactly how

you used to be,

& I’ve brought forth


become biblical

in my stories.

Hindsight is a

two-edged sword

it cuts us down

to bite sized


what might have been

if you & I had danced

one dance together.

I always chose

the hardest road

the brittle stones

made holes in shoes

& broke my bones

but now I hover

on the brink:

Time has no


it’s sunshine

turned to storm

summer worn

to sleet

sand between my


until we disappear

players sung to sleep

chasing the mystery.


Down deep

beneath the loam

of mesmerising sleep

my dragons lie.

They crunch my bones

they burn my eyes

& every day I drag

myself from darkest cave

perambulate the ebbing tide

of life.

The more the years

flow in-between

my vivid child

returns to me:

her features frozen

taut in fear, her mouth

an O of scream & there

is nothing I can say to save

that deeply damaged

part in me.

So many twists & turns

a thousand words of love

I strained to hear

that somehow floated

out of reach.

Another heart

another sea, of which

I bear no part

immune in subterranean lore

an odyssey without a shore

Elektra & Antigone.

Down deep beneath

the loam of sleep

my dragons snore

with flickering eye,

they feed on memories

they stretch their wings

in phantom skies,

they moan of ego’s

spurned, & knights

with melted swords

they sing of love

that’s undeserved

they gorge on grief

& ride a canopy of storms:

they bruise my mind

with fevered images

and promise nothing

but the song of stars

our one last flight.

The scent of roses.


In my beginning

there was night,

a summer garden

the scent of roses

& you singing

a lullaby.

The garden still

exists: I’ve seen it

in photos, the roses

a legacy to your love

on my way to the shops

I stopped, came across

these great blousy beasts

& their sweet pungent scent

brought you back to me.

In my beginning

before the storm of evil:

I can call it that now,

although at the time

I had no words;

in my beginning

there was love.

It’s summer again

reminding me

of starlit walks

you tall in your

homburg, your suit

impeccable, like those

old movie stars.

A man & a child

traversing empty streets

over the railway bridge

& home again where you lay

me down to sleep

in the moonlit garden.

A unique kind of man

not the ordinary variety

you ranged the seven seas

brought back exotic gifts

I followed you in dreams

it always seemed to me

you were my guardian angel.

I’m waking now from sleep

so many years & leaps

have passed: you left me

suddenly one September

carried off by lightning;

no time to say goodbye,

no last absorbing hug,

a chasm in my heart that

never heals.

Now time’s done this to me

I’m lost from myriad paths

I could have leaped:

but summer’s here again,

I walk the city streets

& the roses with their scent

still bring you home with me.