The scent of roses.


In my beginning

there was night,

a summer garden

the scent of roses

& you singing

a lullaby.

The garden still

exists: I’ve seen it

in photos, the roses

a legacy to your love

on my way to the shops

I stopped, came across

these great blousy beasts

& their sweet pungent scent

brought you back to me.

In my beginning

before the storm of evil:

I can call it that now,

although at the time

I had no words;

in my beginning

there was love.

It’s summer again

reminding me

of starlit walks

you tall in your

homburg, your suit

impeccable, like those

old movie stars.

A man & a child

traversing empty streets

over the railway bridge

& home again where you lay

me down to sleep

in the moonlit garden.

A unique kind of man

not the ordinary variety

you ranged the seven seas

brought back exotic gifts

I followed you in dreams

it always seemed to me

you were my guardian angel.

I’m waking now from sleep

so many years & leaps

have passed: you left me

suddenly one September

carried off by lightning;

no time to say goodbye,

no last absorbing hug,

a chasm in my heart that

never heals.

Now time’s done this to me

I’m lost from myriad paths

I could have leaped:

but summer’s here again,

I walk the city streets

& the roses with their scent

still bring you home with me.

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