Down deep

beneath the loam

of mesmerising sleep

my dragons lie.

They crunch my bones

they burn my eyes

& every day I drag

myself from darkest cave

perambulate the ebbing tide

of life.

The more the years

flow in-between

my vivid child

returns to me:

her features frozen

taut in fear, her mouth

an O of scream & there

is nothing I can say to save

that deeply damaged

part in me.

So many twists & turns

a thousand words of love

I strained to hear

that somehow floated

out of reach.

Another heart

another sea, of which

I bear no part

immune in subterranean lore

an odyssey without a shore

Elektra & Antigone.

Down deep beneath

the loam of sleep

my dragons snore

with flickering eye,

they feed on memories

they stretch their wings

in phantom skies,

they moan of ego’s

spurned, & knights

with melted swords

they sing of love

that’s undeserved

they gorge on grief

& ride a canopy of storms:

they bruise my mind

with fevered images

and promise nothing

but the song of stars

our one last flight.

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