Time has no essence

it rolls over us

like water,

eroding features:

my face becomes

the rift valley

my body meanders

from curve to curve

exposing former


My loves have

carved striations

on my heart, &

nostalgia replaces


Who are you

to care?

And who am I

who once was there?


like a spring garden.

Do you remember then?

I’ve heard you spin

your tale;

you lived your dreams,

you seem exactly how

you used to be,

& I’ve brought forth


become biblical

in my stories.

Hindsight is a

two-edged sword

it cuts us down

to bite sized


what might have been

if you & I had danced

one dance together.

I always chose

the hardest road

the brittle stones

made holes in shoes

& broke my bones

but now I hover

on the brink:

Time has no


it’s sunshine

turned to storm

summer worn

to sleet

sand between my


until we disappear

players sung to sleep

chasing the mystery.

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