We are

It seems

we’re here

the ‘better’

& the ‘worse’

have come


a quirk

in fate a

slip in


call it

what you

will, have


our trajet.

Let’s forget the

‘honour & obey’

I heal, you stay,

we cleave

like deep

sea beasts

twisting & turning

in the dark.

Did anyone

mention ‘ecstasy’?

This fire consumes

the mystery

that can’t be

versed, it changes:

we move through

every day


Now we’re here,

‘forever’ almost

there, we only

own this day

to live love.

The rings were

chosen long ago

a buried Queen,

forgotten tryst

millennia in this


a latent



has not come easy:

this deluge from beyond

this weave of thread

that binds us.

A winter walk

a passing nod

was all it took

for seismic tremor

a crack in the fabric

unnoticed by most

yet buried deep

within our marrow.

Bone to bone

breath to breath

time turned upon

itself: a proton shuffle.

And I know

they think us crazy

& some days

I see our mirage

two shadows carved

with light, a paradox

in motion, & I know

we’ve come together

while the world weeps

our love possible

perhaps for the first time,

as it should be.