To infinity

Morning pools

of light

I stare through

bare branch

autumn gold gives

way to muddy brown

& we are locked

in winter’s pogrom.

You over there

hopeful, ever hopeful

I try, I try I really do

to cross this road,

meet you on the other

side of dawn.

Two babes in

the wood

curved like

velvet spoons.

What is it that

we do with this


Love that surpasses

all understanding’

Our path’s obscure

it twists, bends back

we lose the text

stride joyful

only to find

dragon’s lurking.

There is no answer

to the riddle

no peace to rest

our broken hearts

our pounded bones.

There’s only forward

& beyond:

a gentle look

a midnight kiss

a feeling

of belonging.

Any more than this

you say is fractal chaos

while I with smile

insist in



[Jean Parks 17/03/1937 – 02/11/2022]

On the edge

of midnight

moon glances

left to right

the stars

are imminent.

Up there beyond

the veil your angel

is waiting.

He’s here now

your sunshine

your little boy

that one true love

transcending time.

His hand’s in yours

the years fly by

& you are back

at the beginning.

The moon’s


this night is short

it’s time to go

& yet

you’re loathe

to leave:

those deep

grey eyes


The planet’s

shift, snuff

out  a life,

but love

carries you

with it.