The sea’s so rough today
all brilliant aqua, stormy grey

the waves are crested horses
white plumed tails

the sea’s like
me, a churning spirit

wild ‘n fey:
tourist’s crowd beneath

their shade,
skin charred pink.


Trade winds
scour the night

breakers roll in
undertow obscures 

the light::

fish opaque
sheer, iridescent

bright jewels in
shifting miasma.

Later, moonlight
Jupiter & Venus

sapphire bright.

Snakes rustle
in your mind

evolve to night mare

I have no hand
to brace you.


The island breathes
light bounces off rock

tourists pace the tideline
skin parched leather

& the waves fill
the trough in my heart.

I’m platinum here
pearl edged, ready

for the dance to deliver:

sun ‘n sea have melted me
I am evaporated

solid to liquid
liquid to light

empty space.


Silver light
sundown marks

a path to horizon
a shoal of flying fish

break the surface
down down deep

turtles roll the current
graze on seagrass.

These waves are cloggy
body pulling, swirl the rocks

spit salt spray.


I’m a taggle tongued
gypsy of life:

my words fall like

on the rawness
of your skin

I sting you.

Barbados 2023


Sun on my belly

sand in my toes

deep deep heat

of solar star

burns these


Sea creatures dead

a million years:

random footprints


pathways many’ve

trod before.

Blue azure crystal

sea, I’m alive

in paradise.



Paradise never

lies, or does it?

Tea cup horizon

blood beat heat

equator rolling.

There was loving

in the breeze,

now I’m tapping

empty air;

life is how

you live it

or so it seems

to me, &

love is how

you give it.


The jungle drips

with monsoon rain

the birds in hiding

& the frogs refrain

cuts the thunder:

we are in this

we are out of it

ten thousand words

will not explain

the beginning

the ending.