The sea’s so rough today
all brilliant aqua, stormy grey

the waves are crested horses
white plumed tails

the sea’s like
me, a churning spirit

wild ‘n fey:
tourist’s crowd beneath

their shade,
skin charred pink.


Trade winds
scour the night

breakers roll in
undertow obscures 

the light::

fish opaque
sheer, iridescent

bright jewels in
shifting miasma.

Later, moonlight
Jupiter & Venus

sapphire bright.

Snakes rustle
in your mind

evolve to night mare

I have no hand
to brace you.


The island breathes
light bounces off rock

tourists pace the tideline
skin parched leather

& the waves fill
the trough in my heart.

I’m platinum here
pearl edged, ready

for the dance to deliver:

sun ‘n sea have melted me
I am evaporated

solid to liquid
liquid to light

empty space.


Silver light
sundown marks

a path to horizon
a shoal of flying fish

break the surface
down down deep

turtles roll the current
graze on seagrass.

These waves are cloggy
body pulling, swirl the rocks

spit salt spray.


I’m a taggle tongued
gypsy of life:

my words fall like

on the rawness
of your skin

I sting you.

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