The language of wildflowers

Iris raises royal head
speaks her truth
in wedding vows

while Lavender scents
the room with
pure intent

& Rosemary will
always remember

our laughter &
our tears
how we fought

to be here.

Clematis summons
Angels from their
beds, Anemone

sprang from Aphrodite’s
grief for Adonis’s death,
to bring us luck.

Forget me Not,
how could you

Lavender is for
the Bees, brings
purity, my silence,

your devotion.

Through & through
the Scottish Thistle
bears my name

full of courage
& by God

I’m bringing out
the Bluebells
humility, constancy

& everlasting love
that alters not
from the moment

of creation:
to when I close
my eyes to sleep

forever’ neath
scent of purple

I gift to you
a buttonhole
of Sea Holly,

an aphrodisiac
full of lust
Viagra for

the horses.

Vervain for its
supernatural powers
catnip loved by


Sunshine Daisies
erase the gloom
bring joy to brighten

days of peace
as we sign
the ‘deal’

here & now
between us.

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