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  Victoria Mosley is a poet novelist and spoken word artist. She has  five  published  poetry collections and twelve novels.

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Her sixth collection God Bless America  by Victoria Mosley and The Sublimes, a Spoken Word Album was released on CD in 2004 .

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She has run events and club nights in London and beyond, from the Groucho Club to the ICA, Austin Texas to Indonesia, from Jazz nights and Charity Events to new bands. She has worked for the British Council in Surabaya and in Canada, has produced and presented her own radio shows… She has worked as Artist in Residence in the Film and Media Studies Department at the School of Oriental and African Studies London University, and the Astro Physics department of Imperial College where she taught her own courses on Creative Writing and Performance and wrote an MA option. She is presently concentrating on writing novels. She has written twelve novels in the ‘’What if ‘’ series  available on Kindle  .






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