The Angel Papers

Victoria Mosley - Angel Papers - Kindle Cover

Victoria Mosley - The Angel Papers - Final Cover

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’’A tale of magic and alchemy and a very different kind of love affair, as erotic as it is taboo …..’’

—A book that may cause as much controversy as Rushdie’s Satanic Verses—


       Susie is a very successful American singer/songwriter, who lives in Nashville Tennessee who is invited to sing in the Rothko Chapel in Houston Texas. The service she goes to sing for, (as a favour to a friend) is in a Chapel designed by Rothko, just before he committed suicide. It is non-denominational and she realizes that this service is for The Mary Magdalene Sect as a fundraiser for an archaeological dig of a newly reopened tomb in Jerusalem. At the event she meets the organiser the Curator of the Menil Collection


Jude  Jesse

         ‘A male figure dressed in a dark suit with a high Cantonese collar steps in front of her blocking her way:. All her senses come alive in a flood of anticipation as she falters, feeling the electricity of his presence crackle in her personal; space... She looks swiftly up into a spare handsome face with huge black eyes, framed in the torchlight from the pathway. For an instant there seems to be complete silence and everything recedes into the meeting of the two gazes. The world disappears and she fleetingly ceases to exist in real time.


      She spends the night in one of the guest houses at the complex and has vivid dreams of Jude Jesse which are as disturbing as they are erotic, and yet feel religious in nature.


‘’A story that defies the recognized idea of the Jesus Christ myth and turns the premise of Christianity as we understand it on its head…….’’


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