The House on Sydenham Hill

Victoria Mosley - THoSH - Kindle Book Cover V4 (2)

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Victoria Mosley - The HoSH - Full Final

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Another great piece of fiction by Victoria Mosley as a clear headed and balanced view on the dilemma of relationships.
Does love transcend time? Can you love a ghost? Is desire stronger that reason? Read on…

‘’A supernatural period love story with two intertwining time frames. Mid-life, crisis soul searching and supernatural experience …”

    It brings together the lives of John and Nellie both born on Halloween but one hundred years apart.  It is set in London in 1994 and London and Whitstable 1874. A tale of obsession and possession but not in the ordinary sense of the word, this love affair demands a high price yet are the protagonists willing to pay it?

London. 1994

     John is a forty year old financial journalist living in London in 1994 he is unhappily married to an ambitious French woman, they have two small boys. He has bought a large period family house on Sydenham hill built high on the hill in 1854 by a German Industrialist for his family  ‘’Raven House’’. On a Sunday afternoon walk through Dulwich woods with his children, John comes across a beautiful girl dressed in furs with extraordinary eyes and sunlight glimmering in her hair like gold dust. His sons are entranced and in a moment he has fallen in love, perhaps for the first time ever. But who is she and where does she come from?  He quickly realises that something extraordinary has happened to him which will change his world for ever.

London 1874

Nellie is the apple of her father’s eye, a twenty year old ‘’modern’’ girl who lives in Raven House and mixes with the fashionable ‘’Sydenham set’’ of Rossetti and Burne Jones, Eleanor Marx and the lascivious Arthur Sullivan. She has the Pre -Raphaelites at her feet and is a passionate Avant Garde photographer, respected as one of the only two well-known and exhibiting women of her era. Her mother Edith invites Madame Blavatsky to hold a séance at Raven House and something shifts in the fabric of the Universe. On the next day, the Sunday afternoon of the night of Halloween, which is also her birthday, Nellie takes her private tunnel from the Summerhouse in her garden down into Dulwich woods for an autumn walk. She stumbles upon a handsome older man, their eyes lock and something shits in the very fabric of time to throw these two together into a story that challenges the paradigm of both worlds,

’ I was enthralled by the suspense and drama of the story line and held transfixed by the narrative drive. I  couldn’t put it down………’’

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