The Lion’s Kiss

Victoria Mosley - The Lion's Kiss - Kindle Cover

Victoria Mosley - The Lion's Kiss - Full Preview

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This is one of my young adult books, an eerie tale told of shamans and magic in the valley of Les Eyzie where the Lascaux caves are found. I grew up loving Alan Garner’s books and although I haven’t read him for years I have a feeling this book has a distinct flavour of his stories.


The Lion’s Kiss


‘’A present day Weirdstone of Brisingamen ‘’.


A coming of age tale like no other, the book is set in the Château de Cerfs

in SW France in the present day with a parallel glimpse into the intrigues of a

Royal Court in twelfth century Aquitaine.

Lolly is a teenager thrown out of the normality of London into the supposed rural idyll of France when her mother becomes ill with cancer. The Château they buy is full of murmurs and phantoms most especially the fleeting shadowy figure of

Alysse de Vexins the fifteen year old mistress of Henry ii who has her own games to play at the time of this August full moon. This is a story of the old religion which rears up from the past and a tale of two teenage girls from different centuries who get swept up in the shadow world of shamanism.

It is a place of shape shifting and magic and if you know the ways of the ancients then you might very well be able to cheat the jaws of death. At least that is how the old myths and legends tell it, and just behind the next shut door is an unknown world where entry becomes a secret code of endeavour that only a few can remember the key to.

—–Can love find a way to save them or will the past rise up and claim them both?  Does ‘’The Watcher ‘’ fulfil the ancient prophecy and finally exact his fatal price?——-

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