The Nowhere Girl

Victoria Mosley - The Nowhere Girl - Kindle Cover

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A  very  contemporary twist on WW2 courage , 

Unravel the gossamer skeins of genetic memory to find that love can survive.

Willow is 22 an Art student at Glasgow school of Art , brought up in the Channel Island of Jersey by her Russian Jewish Grandmother Katarina. Ever since she was very tiny she has always painted beautiful watercolours, but her black and white drawings are raw and violent and she has no idea where they come from .

When her Grandmother dies Willow becomes her own time portal into a past where she discovers  the memories that still haunt  the present, from pre War Paris through the Nazi occupation of the Channel Islands .

We find that love does survive, that  heroism has an impact on the lives of future generations and somehow the ghosts that haunt us can be finally laid to rest once their story has been told.

Euan   is a geeky 35 year old photographer who lives in an internal world of his own creation. He works at the reception desk in the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow and there he meets Willow a 22 year old Art student. He is instantly mesmerised by her other worldly looks and charisma and indeed the girl is something quite out of the ordinary.

Extract from book

       —-This first time that he saw her he thought that she looked like she had walked straight out of a painting. The sunlight was spiralling down through the domed glass ceiling throwing coloured streaks into her palest of blonde hair, creating a patina of shimmering auburn and gold highlights that no hairdresser could have produced. The angle of her cheekbone caught the edge of the light which threw shadow on her pale skin. Yes, she looked like a Rembrandt, that specific quality of light catching the translucent tone of her skin, or the heroine from a silent movie, all big eyes and expressive mouth, he couldn’t take his eyes from her mouth, the luscious curve of it.  It made him seriously think what it would be like to kiss her.—-

‘’This is a must have book. The narrative drive and final twist combined with strong characterization make this novel quietly brilliant and  will have you wanting to read more and more’’

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