You were my lover

although so hidden

I never would have


unless I read

your clever phrases,

turn of tongue:

honeyed words you

deep dive me into.

You were my lover

although for years

I thought of you

as single as

the breeze

a high falutin’ dream

thoroughly mystic.

Are you my lover?

At least in dreams

in dreams you

volubly increase

throwing out

your shyness;

almost believe

in consequence.


September rain

blows leaves

& summer seems

a myth

we dreamt.

I walk the path

I always choose

expect to see you

standing tall

a friend who

often walked

the same

sea route.

It’s been

a while

I wonder why

your gentle smile

is missing.

A random word

& then this world

is turned askew:

you’re gone.

Your glorious voice

your talent spread

so far & wide

across this earth

has simply died,

I’m left

with memory.

This walk

this endless tide

an ebb & flow

the mystery’s

ripped you from

our side,

& left me


Fossil love

Bones morph

transcend matter

stone to stone

we are breathing






Homo Habilis


millennia, born

to shore up

rift valley.

Our love

is like


once formed

it lurks in

the strata

of my brain

ancient pathways

where neurons


our connection.

I feel you

in the night

wake to find

an echo.

This arm once

held your head

cradled gaze of

eyes now dead

to me.

In that moment

I believed in the

lie of ‘ever’.

Forever in

my mind

hidden from

this light

by that old





Still July

Dawn creeps

a spider’s lace

of light,

cacophony of


giant pterodactyls

pace the roof

cries angular

a bird’s bark

off key

aural irritant.

Garden sighs

dew soft

leaves glisten,

& the cherries

hide from snails.

Dreams come


whimsical landscapes

neither sought nor known.

Mid summer’s hung

in expectation

suspended betwixt

‘then & ‘when’

as we all are.

We were greater then

less & more

our smooth skin

hiding the scars

we bore.

Are we wiser now

with the cracks of years?

Our faces stretched

from the ‘who’ to ‘why’

& deep inside the weary

ride, has plucked many

in its time.

We were bolder then

twenty years is all

we held:

& the long path of ‘never’

drowned us in its veins

beauty balanced

in a carousel ride

when integrity beckoned.

I see you slowly now

can count the breaths

we have left:

our road is shorter

an uneven stride

a certain number

of new sunrise

until mystery shrouds us

& we reroute.

You paint

empty corners

where sunlight

spikes the shadows.

Who am I

to understand

your truth?

You nightly

hide in dreams,

my child:

at least

you were

now grown

in beauty.

We talk

In whispers


separate & rent

our structure.

You hide:

an enigma

to me.

Your cells

still circulate

my blood,

& yet

like mountain

peaks we watch

but never cross

the ether.

May day

It’s a late spring
leaves tight furled
& the swallows
ruffle feathers
In the chill:
the willow
Is ephemeral
like a fragile
young girl,
testing her
I think of
you often
distance never
the warmth
you bring,
& I hide
the empty

with dreams
of mellow
a burning
sun &
summer kisses:
the taste
of you,
like cherries.