All @ Sea

Poetry at its finest to buy the book click here 


Victoria Mosley - All @ Sea - Book Cover Kindle

 “Truly wonderful poetry. Beautiful, complex, vulnerable… a window to a remarkable soul.’’

Paul Caplin Pop star composer Impresario

‘’Such incredible verse dear Victoria!

God knows how it is needed: ‘’

 (Rehan Qayoom)



This is Victoria’s fifth collection of poetry, forty poems written on the Kent coast between 2013 /2014 for the love of sea and the mystery of love. Her poetry is available on her blog Subscribe for your daily poetry feed. Her huge variety of readers speak for themselves


‘’Simply Beautiful and moving.’’

‘’Love this one, beautiful, enfolding, dreamlike ‘’

‘’The richness, depth and quality of your poetry is amazing!! Loving it!’’

‘’I LOVE this. Love it love it love it. Fabulous.’’

‘’You are beautiful. Thank you.. xx’’

‘’ Astonishing, raw emotion Victoria. Awesome.’’

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