Crazy Love


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Crazy love.

“Victoria Mosley’s poems are compelling. She writes with power and brilliance. Her love lyrics are deeply personal and vividly seductive: they jump off the page with the energy of their performance. The forms are loose but elegant, and the imagery has a laser precision that is sometimes painfully sharp, and always surprising”.

Max Saunders King’s College London author of, Ford Maddox Ford A dual Life.

Extract .

Sleep stalker . 

Sleep courts you ,

seals satisfied eyes

as you turn aside

from bodies warmth.

All men take her ride,

leaving  heaving woman

counting night stars

through fretted fingers;

and I track her filmy skeins

trying to catch your candid dreams

fall  with languor into formless seas,

fight the blight of thought’s continuum .

Night hums  her soporific tunes

to lull your troubled mind

eyelids twitch with phantom vistas ;

and I , the one you’ve left behind ,

reach a hand to touch your untouched side

train my breath to take me down inside ,

and become once more

your sleep stalker .



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