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I Spy Love

MI6 meets internet dating.

[Just out NOW ]

Ever wondered what it might be like to fall in love with a Spy?

Set against the grim backdrop of events of 2003, in a post 9/11 world with the raid of Finsbury Park Mosque and George Bush and Tony Blair catapulting the allies into the Iraq War.

Sara: is a 36-year-old divorcee writing her first book on internet dating, but her life has started to unravel in an out of control way when she falls for a British born Bangladeshi. Sam says he loves her but then periodically disappears. Is he what he says he is, in research for M16 or is he a fantasist stringing her along?
Sam: has put duty before everything in his life, until he meets Sara. Duty as a Muslim son, duty to his country and career and then he falls obsessively in love. As he is asked to delve deeper into the undercover work of the double agent, how does he handle this turbulent woman who threatens to bring them all down?
A heady mix of politics, erotic love, and the liquid love of the internet, the book succinctly asks questions which have no right or wrong answers.
How far would you go to keep a secret?

‘’Victoria Mosley shows once again her great talent at writing about love and relationships in a way that is both poetic and brave in its directness, confirming her as a unique voice of her generation.’’
[Dominique Brethes.]

5* reviews

”Gripping story. Couldn’t put the book down. Very relevant to our modern times where terror dominates the headlines. A powerful story of turbulent love.”


The Medici Quartet 



For Love of a Medici


(The first book in The Medici series )

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‘’Love is the greatest bond………or is it?’

Victoria Mosley - For Love of a Medici - Full Preview

”I walked through the Palazzo Medici and had a blinding  vision of the past, this book tries to delve beneath the present to what actually happened to Isabella  de Medici  ”………….( Victoria Mosley )

***** Star review Amazon

”Gripping story, very well written and researched. Great style, confident and elegant. Made me want to spend time in Florence. Impressive”.

Astrology and magic were an integral part of the everyday life of the people of the 16th century, in all corners of Europe. The Medici court was no exception. This novel is rife with intrigue, murder and dark murmurs at the court of Isabella de Medici who was known in her own lifetime as .the brightest star of the Medici firmament. Visions of Isabella haunt her namesake Isabel visiting present day Florence after her sudden break up with her fiancée. How are these two women linked together through the corridors of five hundred years of history?  Is Isabel’s new love interest Lorenzo somehow linked to the dead Princess? Can she solve the lost riddle of Isabella’s death, to finally lay her ghost to rest?

‘’The most powerful of Victoria’s novels, where past and present fuse effortlessly and the supernatural romance works totally and beautifully. ’’

(John Richard Parker)


”The book is wonderful. It’s one of your best. You are one of my top five writers of all time”

Richard Burling





The Medici Child

(The second book in the Medici series )

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”I’ll meet you at the corner of all possible worlds……..”

Victoria Mosley - The Medici Child - Full Preview


‘’Magic Alchemy, violence and murder, and the birth of a very special child, Victoria Mosley has outdone herself in the second book of the Medici series, both in terms of plot and style……..I’ve never read anything like it……. ‘’

‘’ Everything is energy, beyond that is divine……..’’ Einstein

Set in Florence between 1565 and 1587 and in the present day, this is a historical and supernatural thriller.  We meet the dark brooding Francesco 1 de Medici, his hapless Habsburg bride Johanna, and his gorgeous mistress Bianca Cappello. Francesco’s overriding need is to produce a male heir and neither woman can seem to give him one.


     Isabel de Cordova is known in Florence as the ‘’Traveller in Time ‘’ after the success of her book ‘’For Love of a Medici.’’ When this story begins she is forty and the glitter of the past eludes her. She returns to the city and with the help of an Ayahuascquero Luis Delguardo enters a vision quest into the past of the Medici Court where she meets Francesco 1 and the unthinkable happens.






The Becoming


(The third book in the Medici series )

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Renaissance meets DNA splicing



Set in Florence in 1570 to 1576 at the opulent court of Isabella de Medici and in the present day. Mystery, murder, CRISPR genome splicing and time travel produce a heady mix in this page turner.
Angelo Cordova returns from Peru in search of his mother Isabel who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Instead he meets two very different women who will change the course of his life.

Florence 1570
Leonora de Toledo de Medici a Spanish Princess has grown up in the Medici court and is betrothed to her loathsome cousin the degenerate Pietro de Medici. The one thing she craves is true love and when she meets a beautiful young man Angelo Cordova she thinks her dreams are realised. Yet can he change the course of history and save her from her fatal destiny at the hands of her violent husband?


 A girl called Grace 

 ( The fourth and final book in the Medici series )

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More Angel than human spun from the threads of time

The culminating novel in the Medici Quartet, takes us from our present chaotic century forward into the future, and back into the brutal past of the Medici Court.


Grace is unique, she has a six letter DNA sequence and is perfectly created to move backward and forward in time through the dissolution and reconstitution of her quantum cells. She is desperately searching for a connection to her mother Leonora who died giving birth to her and she chooses the Medici Court in the 1570’s.

–But time plays tricks with her. —

Teddy works in internet security and he is hired by MI6 to discover as much as possible about Fergus O’Dowd and his genetic research. This leads him to Florence and Grace de Cordova who he falls in love with.

–But can he save her from herself? —




Tallulah Thursday

(The first book in the Mystic series)

How far would you really go for someone who you loved?

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 Victoria Mosley - TallulahThursday - Book Cover Layout - Kindle Cover

***** Star review Amazon

”Part historical thriller, part psychological insight into the mechanism of love and relationships this is an excellent read.

With flourish, confidence and poetic style often exquisite, Victoria Mosley conjures up elaborate psychological profiles and complex situations. As in Shakespeare, her romantic leads are doomed, battling against Fate…Sex, love and money the weapons in their struggle.

Egyptian Queens & Chelsea playboys, Moses obeying blindly his God, all face the tragedy of the human condition, Love being the only ultimate & possible salvation.”






(The second book in the Mystic series)

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Victoria Mosley - Angel Papers - Kindle Cover

Victoria Mosley - The Angel Papers - Final Cover

***** Star review Amazon

”Thought provoking tale of Jesus, family man and religious leader, intercepted by his time-traveller son who with the help of a Texan singer turned reluctant Angel, is attempting to re-shape the course of History and prevent the destruction of civilisation through religious wars. This is also the story of Eternal Love, Art against Tragedy, Redemption versus Fate… Victoria Mosley has the amazing ability to write about metaphysical subjects in a style full of poetry, magical lyricism and deep human understanding.”

A story that defies the recognised idea of the Jesus Christ myth and turns the premise of Christianity as we understand it on its head. It is a tale of magic and alchemy and a very different kind of love affair.

—A book that may cause as much controversy as Rushdie’s Satanic Verses—

.—- It is as erotic as it is taboo —–


The Nowhere Girl

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(    The first book in World War 2 series)

Victoria Mosley - The Nowhere Girl - Kindle Cover

The Nowhere Girl takes us from present day Glasgow to life in Jersey during WW2. The narrative drive and final twist combined with strong characterization make this novel quietly brilliant and will have you wanting to read more and more.

‘’I was really struck by the depth of the characterization – Victoria Mosley truly seems to inhabit the skin of her characters, making for an extraordinary and at times rather uncomfortable read.’’

Editor Harper Collins





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(The second book in World War 2 series )



”A haunting love story with a supernatural twist set in war-torn France and present day London.

‘Vivid scenes of love and action in wartime France ingeniously linked to the present’-

-James Buchan, author, former correspondent for the Financial Times, and journalist at the Guardian Review.

‘’ Moonfisher was an incredibly brilliant and engaging novel ‘’

Reyhan Quayoom


‘’Moonfisher carries us effortlessly back through time bringing to life our forgotten heroes. This book is love and WW2 history at its best.’’

London now.

Violet runs a Vintage clothes shop in Hackney, London. She spent an idyllic childhood in rural France where her bedtime stories were full of the exploits of the heroic resistance fighters.  Now she is having disturbing dreams, of being chased, by soldiers, of being with a woman whose image resembles her own.  Why is it that she looks so familiar and what are the secrets that she wants to share?


France 1943.

    Anouk is the daughter of the family that owns the local Chateau until the Nazi’s come to claim it. She is Jewish but that never mattered until now. A turn of fate sees her recruited and trained by the SOE, Churchill’s special operations department, and life suddenly becomes dangerous. Her mission is to seduce the dangerous Nazi General, Oberfuhrer Henreich Kleist.  Alone and scared she dreams of being in a huge city full of tall glass buildings, she dreams of a girl who looks just like her.




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(The first book in  historical ghost thriller series)


***** Star reviews on Amazon

”Deeply involving, highly erotic, sublimely poetic and sensual, this is an adult fairy tale about dragons and princesses, the longing for eternal life, the tragedy of unfulfilled love, man against his demons.
Another supremely well written book by Victoria Mosley who is emerging as one of our brightest modern British writers.”

The Dragon Lord is visiting tonight, a being who offers untold pleasure but also demands a fatal price.

The novel traverses the cinematic landscape of continents and time-scales and charts the erotic awakening of three women linked by the beautiful red and gold lacquer dragon bed head given as a present to the Lady Uya, Royal Concubine to the Emperor in the forbidden city of Peking in 1676. The bed is a creation of



The House on Sydenham Hill

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(The  second book in  historical ghost thriller series)

Victoria Mosley - THoSH - Kindle Book Cover V4 (2)

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***** Star review Amazon

”Another great piece of fiction by Victoria Mosley as a clear headed and balanced view on the dilemma of relationships.
Does love transcend time? Can you love a ghost? Is desire stronger that reason? Read on…”

A supernatural period love story set in 1874 a time when London was aflame with the glory of the Empire..   It brings together the lives of John and Nellie both born on Halloween but one hundred years apart.  It is set in London in 1994 and London and Whitstable 1874. A tale of obsession and possession but not in the ordinary sense of the word, this love affair demands a high price and are the protagonists willing to pay it?

London. 1994

     John is a forty year old financial journalist living in London in 1994 he is unhappily married to an ambitious French woman, they have two small boys. He has bought a large period family house on Sydenham hill built high on the hill in 1854 by a German Industrialist for his family  ‘’Raven House’’.  On a Sunday afternoon walk through Dulwich woods with his children, John comes across a beautiful girl dressed in furs with extraordinary eyes and sunlight glimmering in her hair like gold dust. His sons are entranced and in a moment he has fallen in love, perhaps for the first time ever. But who is she and where does she come from?  He quickly realises that something extraordinary has happened to him which will change his world for ever.

London 1874

Nellie is the apple of her father’s eye, a twenty year old ‘’modern’’ girl who lives in Raven House and mixes with the fashionable ‘’Sydenham set’’ of Rossetti and Burne – Jones, Eleanor Marx and the lascivious Arthur Sullivan. She has the Pre -Raphaelites at her feet and is a passionate Avant Garde photographer, respected as one of the only two well-known and exhibiting women of her era. Her mother Edith invites Madame Blavatsky to hold a séance at Raven House and something shifts in the fabric of the Universe. On the next day, the Sunday afternoon of the night of Halloween, which is also her birthday, Nellie takes her private tunnel from the Summerhouse in her garden down into Dulwich woods for an autumn walk. She stumbles upon a handsome older man, their eyes lock and something shifts in the very fabric of time to throw these two together into a story that challenges the paradigm of both worlds and produces a love story that borders on the immortal and immoral.






Soul Snatcher at Tobago Cays

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(The third book in historical ghost thriller series)

  Victoria Mosley - Soul Snatcher - Kindle Cover (1)

‘’This is a work of fiction but some of it is true ’

Kidnap on the high seas and searing insight into money laundering and the drug trade in the Caribbean where the plantation owners of the past still run the show and the ghosts of the dispossessed slaves refuse to sleep in their watery graves.
In 1793 the slave ship Lady Rosa founders on the reef at Tobago Cays killing all but a few of her living cargo. Afua an Ashanti priestess is one of those saved and vows to avenge the death of her betrothed Adedeyo.
Fast forward to present day Caribbean and Sara is sailing with her old friend Matt, but the two share a past rooted in 1979 Chelsea and the highs and lows of the cocaine trade. Lucas Tyler -White business man and plantation ‘’Royalty’’ uses their connection to further his own business; but little does he know that more awaits him on the full moon night at Tobago Cays than even he has bargained for.
This is a courageous novel which tells an eerie story that most of us prefer to ignore: a perfect blend of the murky past and the undercurrents that remain beneath the glittering tourist trade in the Caribbean





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(The fourth book in historical ghost thriller series )

Victoria Mosley - Angel's Wharf - Kindle Cover

‘’Will she ever truly know why she loves him….?’’

Erotic lyricism love and death weave a tangled tale through time……

This is  the love story of the eternal triangle, an obsessive love that has no beginning or end, and is shape shifting and rooted in magic and mystery   From England in 1997 we travel to India and Hong Kong in 1870, back to Mesopotamia in 2500 BC and lastly to Brazil in 2046 a futuristic landscape at the beginning of the end of the world as we have known it  The book is full of secrets, It crosses cultures and religions; incorporates magic and madness quantum physics and multiple dimensions and explores love and the nature of  ritual in the earliest of  civilizations.



Youth /Adult fiction

The Lion’s Kiss

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(The first book in adult fairy tale series )

Victoria Mosley - The Lion's Kiss - Full Preview

‘’A present day Weirdstone of Brisangamen with a tortured tale of teenage love and a shocking twist to make you gasp.’’

Set in the Château de Cerfs in SW France in the present day and in the twelfth century. Lolly is a teenager thrown out of the normality of London into the supposed rural idyll of France when her mother becomes ill with cancer. The Château they buy is full of murmurs and phantoms most especially the fleeting shadow figure of Alysse de Vexins the fifteen year old mistress of Henry the second who has her own games to play at the time of this August full moon. A story of the old religion rearing its head from the past and a tale of two teenage girls from different centuries who get swept up in the shadow world of shamanism. Will love find a way to save them or will the ‘’old ways’’ rise up and strike them down before receding once more into the caves and woods from whence they came?




The Ship of Dreams

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(The second book in adult fairy tale series )


Kindle Cover The Ship of Dreams

Victoria Mosley - The Ship of Dreams - Full Preview

A coming of age novel where teenage sexuality and the questioning nature of life is unraveled against a backdrop of Sussex in the 1980’s and the sinking of the famous liner

The Lusitania off the coast of Ireland in 1915.  

Lilly is a fifteen year old schoolgirl from a difficult family background, her mother an alcoholic, her father a philanderer. She lives in Sussex in 1980 and then has a serious accident while riding her horse and is thrown into a coma.

Elizabeth is travelling first class with her mother on The Lusitania in 1915 on that fateful voyage, where the ship goes down. It is a fabulously luxurious liner filled with film stars and movie directors, it is her birthday but she is an epileptic[-.] and during the evening  has one of her ‘episodes’.

The two girls meet in the ether between ‘’here and now’’ and become firm friends , but can Lily save Elizabeth from her fate of drowning when the ship goes down and can time be manipulated if you love someone enough to try and change it all?

A book filled with twists and turns and a very unexpected ending.

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