I grew up in Singapore and Hong Kong which I think influences my writing. I have been a poet ever since I can remember and I have been writing novels for ten years now. Apart from writing I have done many other things in the Arts world including running events and club nights in London and beyond, from the Groucho Club to the ICA, Austin Texas to Indonesia, from Jazz nights and Charity Events to new bands. I have worked for the British Council in Surabaya and in Canada, I have produced and presented my own radio shows.
I’ve taught my own courses in Creative Writing and Performance at London University and Westminster University amongst others.

I am a traveler and have so far visited 35 countries , but at the moment I live in England near the sea.

Writing is my passion and I am so lucky to be able to do what I love .


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Ron Fein says:

    Victoria, I truly appreciate how all of your postings and communication are poetry itself. I have been looking for, and reconnecting, with intelligent people/artists in order to deepen my connection with others who live by art.

  2. david mynning says:


    you are a spring flower “poised beneath the harsh earth.” The expiry date printed on your shoulder is mere formality, carrying with it no force, over you, eternal flame.

    And as your stories live on, you will never truly be lost from the world. :))

    • Victoria Mosley says:

      Well thank you and there are so many stories that haven’t been published yet ………eight novels on my laptop ready to go out there, never mind the boxes of poetry . My first novel Moonfisher is available in bookshops and on Amazon , hope you like it . 🙂

      As for the expiry date on my shoulder , I’ve too many books to write to go anywhere yet I hope

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